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My Global Journeys in Search of the African Presence

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 The uniqueness of Runoko s work is his passionate purpose. He turns the old tradition on its head, rather than using the narrative to exploit and disperse people of African descent, Runoko s purpose is to unite those people, now found all over the world by pointing to their similarities and to their unified beginnings. In that sense the man, and book are unique. No one has travel further, no one has traveled more, no one has traveled with the passion of this man to unite people of African descent with their common origin, and common history. Today Runoko s global search continues as he regularly takes groups to the many distant places he has traveled, as well as new ones that he crosses off his ever-shortening list. His current activity will hopefully lead to a volume two of global searching. With each group he leads he gets to experience his passion anew, assuring that a new generation will share the inspiration that propels him.