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J.A. Rogers

As Nature Leads (Paperback)

As Nature Leads (Paperback)

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As Nature Leads, an early work by J.A. Rogers (1883-1966), was originally published in a limited edition in 1919 as a sequel to his first book, From Superman to Man. Within a short time, As Nature Leads became obscure and until now could only be found in a few public libraries and even fewer private collections.

In As Nature Leads, Rogers focuses on the seldom discussed topic of Black "blood" in the White race. Through a series of letters and conversations, between two friends, Rogers crates a forum to discuss Black/White intermixture in ancient and modern times. He also discusses the impact this intermixture has had on human history. Rogers believed the notion of White racist thought rested on a fragile conception of a "pure" White race. Protracted study of Black and European history led Rogers to the controversial conclusion that constant sexual contact between Blacks and Whites rendered the belief in a "pure" White race meaningless. By exposing the extensive intermixture and intermarriage of Blacks and Whites, Rogers was attaching White racist thought at its roots.

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