Defending Farrakhan Book 2

Defending Farrakhan Book 2


The importance of independent Black media unafraid to publish the truth cannot be underestimated. Defending Farrakhan, Book 2, contains 98 powerful articles and essays by a new cadre of fearless scholars who skillfully repel and defeat the defamatory attacks against Minister Louis Farrakhan, other Black leaders, and Black people generally. Read as they expertly use history, science, culture, and religion to deliver bold, uncompromising commentary. Drawing from hidden historical documents and the most current research, the writers bluntly confront the charge of "black anti-Semitism" and in the process shatter the false premises of American history and rewrite the history of Blacks and Jews. Absorbing, thought-provoking and compelling, Defending Farrakhan, Book 2, is a must-have for your library.

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